Monday, May 12, 2008

Whatever is the decision, We will accept it

It was agreed by mutual understanding that Malaysia and Singapore will accept whatever decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague-23rd May,2008 on Pulau Batu Putih in the Johor Straits which has been a long standing and thorny issue in the diplomatic relations between the two close neighbours. "Whatever is the decision, We will accept it" -this understanding should be the key to all Malaysians and Singaporeans and its our hope that the outcome would not affect bilateral relations of the two countries.
Both countries have put their claims on the rocky outcrops which had been developed into a lighthouse for sea route navigation into straits during the colonial era to the extend that it has strained the ties for many years. Finally both sides agreed the matter should be decided by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which sat last year. Malaysian Foreign Minister Rais Yatim insist that, 'No one will come to us and help us except ourselves and thus the communality between the two nations should be on the top priority list and any difference whatever they are should be left to be scored later'. He said both sides needed each other to prosper in many aspects.
It is important that to create harmonious relations, there must be trust between each other and what was committed through rule of law or through international arrangements must be respected and follow through by both nations. Malaysia and Singapore need to work together to strengthen economic and regional resilience within Asean and to ensure the Asean Charter was ratified and fully implemented.
Its our sincere hope that all Malaysians, especially the Johoreans understand the issue and respect the verdict by ICJ later in the week. No one should interpreted or misconstrue the final say in the interest of the two nations.- Khartiges

Cuepacs thanks Prime Minister

Civil servants were waiting for good news for very long - before March 8 Election. But the reality is that the PM chose the right forum to announce some of the good news. Some welcome the good news but for some, its not what they are expecting for ! Then what exactly the civil servants wanted from the government ? It it RM 2,000 (honorarium) they wanted ? The PTK exam to be abolished ? Retirement age to be extended till 60 ? An increase in housing allowance ? Critical allowances for support group ?
Those are the demands from Cuepacs forwarded to the PM and to be fair to the government, it has approved three of its six proposals. Civil servants now have a choice of opting to retire at 56 or work until they reach 58. The PM also said effective Jan1 next year, the calculation of pension would be based on a maximum of 30 years of service compared to the current 25 years. The Government also in principle agreed that parents of civil servants who had passed on without leaving behind any heir would get a lump sum of ex-gratia payment.
Expectations on a revised housing allowance was very high among the supporting group but to be fair with government, the PM said a review of the housing allowance and the absorption of contract employers as permanent staff was still being studied and would announce its decision before tabling the 2009 Budget in Parliament in August.
Cuepacs on their part had thanked the PM for approving some of the demands. What has demanded by Cuepacs, at least some of demands have been delivered by the government and now its time for all civil servants to show their commitments and dedication by working hard and increase the productivity with quality and maintained the work ethic of efficient throughout the profession of their career. - Kathirvel

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tamil Schools and the Realities

Many critics claimed that one of the many reasons why the Indians (majority of them) did not vote for the Barisan in the last election was simply because the Tamil schools issues were not handled carefully by MIC neither the government. According to MIC report, early 1950's there were 888 Tamil schools and slowly it has been reduced to 523 in numbers. At the moment, 150 Tamil schools are fully funded by government and the balance of 373 are being assisted ( bantuan modal) by government. MIC on their part claiming they have tried their best to push the government to undertaken all 523 Tamil schools to be fully funded. But the reality is that 373 Tamil schools are yet to get the fully funded status. Why this is so ?

Education Minister Hishamudin Hussein Onn said, the government willing to fund all Tamil schools provided the schools are on government land not on private land. How to solve this issue? Indian NGO's are demanding the government to solve the issue as soon as possible as its been dragging for too long. But the land issue is in the hand of State government to solve it. I think the time has come for State government to fulfill whatever promises they've made in the last election, that includes five states ruled by the Oppositions. What we need is a better understanding and coordination among State and Federal government to solve the land issue for Tamil schools.

The Indian community and Tamil schools issues are inseparable and its lying there for too long and drastic actions to be taken immediately to get the support of the community.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What is the Truth ?

Yesterday I was in the restaurant having dinner with my family when I received a SMS message, which reads ' Mohd Khir Toyo saying Samy Velu who ordered to demolish the Padang Jawa temple'. After receiving the same SMS messages, I made few calls to find out the source of the SMS. Apparently, an interview with Khir Toyo by Malaysiakini highlighted the temple issues among others. Immediately Samy Velu responded to Malaysiakini and pointing the finger to the former MB of Selangor, saying its the MB who did the demolition of temples. To support Samy Velu, Datuk Sarawanan, the new deputy minister and some other MIC branch chairman and NGO's coming up with strong denial of any wrong doings. To make matters worst, the Prime Minister said a directive would be issued to ensure all component parties and members stop pointing fingers at each other and warned them of disciplinary action.
What's happening within the BN component parties ? March 8 is history and its no point to revisit the same issue again and again. The bottom line of the issue is all BN component parties should take the blame and try to repair the damage which is been done. BN need to recapture the confidence and trust of the people who voted for them. I don't think they have time to shout each other as the parliament just started yesterday with much hope from the new MP's. There should be only one voice of government so to speak to people and it should be clear and precise. It is timely that the PM intervene and ordered both parties to stop their war of words. If it is not checked, it can create unwarranted misunderstanding and misconception among the component parties and the followers.
The truth is that the particular temple issue is been taken up by the new Selangor state government and they're in the process of solving it. Why can't the parties concerned look into their own grievances and try to get treated professionally. BN need to strengthen their will power by getting all component parties work together for unity and better understanding. They can't fight within themselves neither get divided for losing everything. Last 50 years the BN was in power and the power sharing formula work all the way and it should be maintained with more understanding and respecting each other. The wish and expectations of the people are high and should be respected and fulfilled by leaders of BN. This may take some time but it has to be done sooner or later to instill the trust of the people for the government.
To build the trust of the people is not an easy task to do neither it can be done within the stipulated time to be implemented. But the important thing is to start build the bridge of hope for the people.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diffrent Opinion within Pakatan Rakyat

Karpal Singh was responding to Kuala Selangor's PAS MP's statement on Islamic State, saying "PAS do not hold any reason to announce Malaysia to become an Islamic State soon neither it wasn't an understanding within the coalition parties of PAKATAN". Karpal Singh ( before this) also has lambasted Awang Hadi on Islamic state. The so called Pakatan of DAP, PKR and PAS having a different views and understanding of the Islamic State.
Before March 8, 2008, I remembered one of the political speech by a prominent PAS Leader saying 'Malaysia is a multi racial, ethnical, cultural and religious country. We cannot impose any rule of law to others, spefically Islamic law on non Malays neither to make this country to become an Islamic country because of the plural society'. What has been said before is not been followed by the oppositions but within the PAKATAN itself they dont have the sharing vision neither basic understanding ! Its like they had the marriage of convenient before March 8, and now they will divorce very soon. BUT why we as voters to be victimised ?
THINK Rasionally for betterment of others too!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Opinion on RTM's Programme Blog

RTM 1 indroduces Blog on Sundays.

I've just watch 'blog' - a new programme on RTM 1 on Sunday night (yesterday). The host was Mr.Hashim and the guest invited was Dato Kadir Jasin, former Editor in-chief of NST. The programme begins with powerful background music ( not related ) and interviews of public on Blog. The programme could have been more effective if the host 'understand' the subject well and quoted familiar Malaysian blogs for fruitful discussion.
The Ministry should seriously look into '20 minutes' time frame for the programme. I belive its too short for bloggers to give their opinions. The SMS or the e-mails received in between the programme could have been read to the viewers for more sharing thought.
The poll result was read at the last minute of the programme without giving an opinion or analysis on the subject topic from the guest. It will be more useful if the guest given more time to share his views on blog and bloggers rather than interupted frequently by the host by asking too many questions. Thanks. Khartiges